The Lillie 6-in-1 skin care device is designed to be used together with your normal daily skincare routine. Safe for use on both face and body the Device’s functions can be used for the following purposes:

     Improving Skin tone

     Skin rejuvenation & renewal

     Face lifting & Whitening

     Wrinkle removal and Anti-aging

     Shrinking Pores

     Increasing Skin elasticity

     Improving the absorption of topical cosmetic products


skin conditions

    To accomplish this, the Lilli 6-in-1 skin care device uses 6 different therapies to maximize the effect of your skincare routine. Below, we’ll explain what these different therapies are, as well as what they are used for. These technologies are:


        Radio Frequency Therapy – Used to Stimulate collagen regeneration

      • Radio Frequency (RF) is a high frequency heat penetration therapy. By generating electromagnetic energy, the four conductive points will help the RF to penetrate deeply into your skin and affect the subcutaneous region. While using this therapy, you will feel warmth from the device. Make sure to adjust the power level so that it is warm, but not too hot. RF therapy can stimulate collagen regeneration, increase the thickness and density of the dermis, lift and fill wrinkles, reduce the appearance of scar, as well as restore skin elasticity and luster.

        EMS (Electroporation) Therapy– Used to increase the absorption and penetration of skincare products

      • EMS is a technique that is widely used in the Beauty and Spa industry. The EMS points will generate a small electric current that opens up your cells to better accept any applied skincare products. Please note that EMS does nothing by itself, it only improves the effectiveness of skincare creams, moisturizers, and other topical products.
        Ultrasonic Massage Therapy – Improves blood and lymph circulation
      • The Ultrasonic head generates a deeply penetrating micro-massage. By doing so, it improves blood and lymph circulation, strengthens the permeability of your skin cells, improves the metabolism of your epidermal tissue, softens your skin, and helps keep your skin shiny and elastic.
          Acoustic vibration Therapy – Massages and Cleans
        • The Acoustic vibration massages uses sound waves to massage your skin. This helps clean your skin. Most facial cleansers can only clean the surface of your skin, and have trouble keeping your pores clean. The vibrations from this massage help loosen any debris and oil in your pores to help keep your skin bright and tight.
              LED Chromatherapy – Uses 5 different wavelengths of light to make your skin beautiful.
            • Chromatherapy is a technique used by Spas all over the world, and can significantly improve your skincare routine when used together with other therapies and beauty products. Each of the five different types of light have their own uses, and we’ll be discussing those below.
              • Red Light – used to enhance blood circulation and collagen regeneration. Improves skin elasticity and helps your skin keep its moisture to make it as smooth as possible.
              • Green Light – used to help with skin discoloration. Improves your overall skin tone by reducing sun and age spots, as well as smoothing out the color of your skin.
              • Blue Light – used to help keep skin clean and free of harmful bacteria. Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects can help significantly improve the appearance of acne, acne scars, and so-on.
              • Yellow light – used to stimulate your lymphatic and nervous systems. Helps you relax and restores the balance of your epidermis by stimulating your lymphatic system to detoxify your skin.
              • Pink Light – used to improve the absorption of beauty products into your skin.
              Galvanic Micro-current Ion therapy – Used to help your skin absorb nutrients and skin-care products, as well as to expel harmful substances
            • By using positively and negatively charged ions, this therapy helps the rest of your skin care routine make your skin look its best. Negative ions help guide active substances and nutrients from your skincare products into your skin tissue. Positive ions help pull harmful substances and metal ions from your skin to keep it as clean as possible.


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